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Fastest Growing Crypto Blog: Coinspeaker covers HayekGold

Anthem Vault has launched a gold-backed cryptocurrency based on bitcoin blockchain. The currency was called Hayek in honor of Friedrich Hayek, Austrian Nobel-winner economist. Official press release says that “one coin will be valued at 1 gram of gold at the day’s market price and will serve as a more secure store of value than Bitcoin.” Hayeks will be stored in digital wallets like any other cryptocurrency.

Anthem Vault was founded in 2011 and thereafter proved to be a reliable gold and silver retailer. It provides customers with services of purchase, store and sale of 100% fine gold and silver bullion. Anthem puts security at the top of its priorities and has won trust of their clients for several years of impeccable service.

Anthem Blanchard, CEO of Anthem Vault, holds ground that gold remains to be “the most trusted store of value of all time”.

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